miRBooking simulates the stochiometric mode of action of miRNAs.

This page hosts the releases of the C implementation as well as some general information on running the program and interpreting its output.

To compile and install miRBooking, you’ll need Meson, Ninja and the development file of GLib suitable for your platform. For the 2.0 release series, you will need a sparse linear solver and fast fourier transform library; details are available in the README.md file.

It’s also possible to write programs that consumes its C API as-is or via GObject Introspection using Python, JavaScript and Vala.

The miRBooking-scan Web service is now available and propose the exploration of the microtargetome a few cell lines. You can also download the raw picomolar quantifications to run custom analysis from there.


Supplementary material (only for 1.0)

  • score table (sha256)
    This is passed via the --score-table flag and provides hybridization probabilities of all heptamer duplexes. It also possible to generate a custom table.

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Weill, N, Lisi, V., Scott, N., Dallaire, P., Pelloux, J., Major, F. MiRBooking simulates the stoichiometric mode of action of microRNAs. Nucleic Acids Research 43, no. 14, 0305-1048, 1362-4962; 10.1093/nar/gkv619 (2015).