Hi and welcome to Dr. Francois Major’s laboratory at the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC), and Computer Science Department (DIRO), Université de Montréal.

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The RNA Engineering “wet” branch is now up and fully functioning. We want to thank our collaborators the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, PerkinElmer and IBM for their financial support.


In this lab in the long-terms, we want to understand and characterize human gene regulatory networks; link cell content to phenotypes; and, design and create artificial molecular components to peek and poke cell information and programmes.


We are developing a suite of programs to analyze, model, predict, and determine RNA 2D and 3D structure. You can access and download our software through the MC-Tools page. You can also access Web services of most of our programs through the MC-Pipeline page.

Funding News

April 18 2011 - Fonds de recherche nature et technologie - Team research project approved $207,000 over three years - : “Computational methods to predict RNA mutations that affect tertiary structure” (with co-applicant Jérôme Waldispuhl, McGill)

May 25 2010 - National Institutes of Health - National Institute of General Medical Sciences approved $830,494 over five years - : “Computational prediction of RNA 3D structure using low resolution data and a new RNA folding algorithm”

June 30 2009 - Canadian Institutes of Health Research - Spring 2009 HIV/AIDS Research Initiative - Biomedical/Clinical Stream approved $379,498 over three years: “Developing and testing small RNA-based multiple-target gene therapies against cancer and AIDS” (with co-applicant Gerardo Ferbeyre, biochemistry department)

November 19 2008 - Canadian Foundation for Innovation - Leaders Opportunity Fund  in Multidisciplinary Health Research approved $800,434 for the infrastructure of the “RNA Engineering Laboratory” (with co-applicant Gerardo Ferbeyre, biochemistry department)

January 30 2009 - Canadian Institutes of Health Research - Fall 2008 Operating Grant competition approved $576,945 over five years: “Computational and structural studies of gene silencing mechanisms”

March 24 2009 - Human Frontier Science Program - 2008 Research Grant competition approved $USD 1,200,000 over three years: “RNA folding as a mediator of stress response in plants” (with three international co-applicants)

April 17 2009 - Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada - Fall 2008 Discovery Grant competition approved $240,000 over five years: “Computerized analysis and prediction of RNA structure and function”

RNA Engineering